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CNC plasma cutting can be operated as a job shop for local hobbyists or businesses.  Products that come out of plasma cutters are of high mechanical ability.  Entry level cost is in the two to four thousand dollar range.   E-Machine Shop X-ometry     There are electrical  noise issues with plasma making it more difficult to set up. Consumables are less in need of replacement as often as CNC's parts. CNC has a bit of a learning curve. You can download and emulator software like CAMotics to facilitate learning your way around before investing in a machine. Highly recomended as that you will be able to tell in short order just how much machine you might be interested in commaniding.
DIY Build
CNC Rated Pilot Plasma 250
CNC 219
Use Cut 50L Low frequency Start
Amazon Version Known to Work
Ebay Version
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Plasma Cutter for Table DC Non touch  cuts to 1/4 clean 1/2A" maxImage 2 - Air Plasma Cutter 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Inverter DC Portable Cutting Machine