ss  Atomstack P9 40  Laser Cutter Etcher   x

Manual  Material Paramaters

ATOMSTACK P9 M40 Laser Engraving Machine CNC 40W Laser Engraver Cutter
5.5 optical 220*250mm   ~  8.66X x  9.84"Y

Head Upgrades  Replacement Heads 
3 pin connector 12v
10 Watt 2 Diode 942
10 Watt Bargain133
20 Watt 4 Diode 144
30 Watt 6 Diode 621 24v
M100 Atomstack Module 4 diode 20 Watt 005  12v
2 Watt Infrared Diode 944

Purchase or More Information

Air Assist
MAC Software
Lightburn Gcode output not compatible
currently with controller.
Does work off USB correctly.

Recommend Print Sizeļ¼š 220 high *250mm wide

5.5 - 5.6 watt (5500 - 5600 mw)* optical power
powerful diode laser .

Engraves on stone, glass and painted metals.
Can cut 2-3 mm (1/8'') of wood and plywood with one pass.
Can cut 4 mm (1/6'') of dark acrylic with one pass.

Safety Glasses

Rotating Y axis
Rotating  Y  axis chuck
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