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Access  to over 10,000 distinct databases
covering scientific, medical, agriculture, demographics, insurance, sports...

Conversion of data to your preferred format(s).

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  • Animated Charts & Graphs
  • Automotive Maintenance,  Repair, Status...
  • CRM Customer / Client Response Management
  • Databases Hosting
  • Database Maintenance
  • Databases Designed for access by Smart Device
  • Data Conversion
    • Excell and other Spreadsheet Formats
    • PDF
    • Text Files  CSV & TAB delimited
    • MYSQL
  • Engineering Databases  CAD, CNC and other Files.
  • Filemaker GO Mobile App Development (Runs on most IOS devices.)
  • Google Forms and Spread Sheet  Interfaces  for surveys and information input.
  • GPS Interfaces
  • Inventory Systems  Barcode and RFID
  • Live & Static  Gauges & Charts
  • Live and Static Map Presentations
  • Manufacturing  Bills of Materials, Vendors, Scheduling, Assembly Drawings...
  • Mobile Systems Overview
  • Order Entry Systems
  • Remote Sensing Interfaces  Vehicles, System Control, Data acquisition... 
  • Remote Data Aquisition via Raspberry PI or PC  Scanning - Printing - Data Acquisition - Speech & Sound Input  & Output
  • Online Flat File Databases requiring no advanced hosting. Search capable and Sortable.
  •  Live Example
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Searchable online Databases   
  • Static Charts & Graphs
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Video Presentations (voice talent - music/sound production - editing )
  • 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry

Database Development
Example of Filemaker Database.
These can be published online for multiple user access vial pc, laptop, phone, or smart device.